Day 112: Cape Town 2 (Part 1)

May 20, 2012

Ok, so we only spent a few days in Pretoria between the two Cape Town trips, and all we really did was go to the zoo and Marabastad, and watch some movies. Some things might be slightly out-of-order, since I’m going from memory here, and when I don’t have uni or work to tell me what day it is (or Play School), I get confused.

Pretoria zoo was a little disappointing. While some of the enclosures were really impressive – large, and very similar to the natural environment of the animals – many of the enclosures were too small and generic. Some of the animals were really distressed and just walked back and forth endlessly (tigers, red panda). The only animals that had decent enclosures were the ones that were sponsored by schools and companies, and this was a depressingly small amount. Only the ‘really exciting’ animals were sponsored, and some of these enclosures were still horrifying. The rhinos had just a grassy oval, as did the giraffes.

After the zoo, Jasmine and I visited Marabastad (it was very close). Didn’t get much at all this time, apart from two pairs of shoes for Jasmine. We did have a random guy follow us and try to get our attention, but we avoided him by ducking into a shop. And then when we left the shop, another man came up to us and said “You have to be careful. Don’t stop. Don’t look at anyone. Don’t talk to anyone. Just walk to wherever you’re going and DON’T LOOK BACK.” Since we were where we wanted to be, we just kept on with our shopping/looking around and had no further problems. We even remembered how to get home via combi-taxis!

We also watched a few movies in the days between Cape Town trips – The Avengers, which I had been waiting for for AGES (I mean, come on! Awesome people (Tony Stark/Iron Man is obviously the best), and directed by JOSS WHEDON! – Jasmine was confused as to why there was humour, and it’s like, come on! Joss Whedon! Give him something like The Avengers to play around with and of course he’ll put some funnies in!), and also Mirror Mirror, which I quite enjoyed except for the last 5 minutes. Apparently, because it was made by an Indian guy, it needed Bollywood? Like, what? I personally thought that it ruined the movie, and it just seemed like a random added-on thing. Didn’t really connect with the rest of the movie. But the movie was interesting. Not as good as The Avengers, obviously.

Ok, so Jas and I decided to go back to Cape Town, and we took a bus again. It was just easier than trying to contact the train station, which would have required us going in person. To Johannesburg. And really, we didn’t have the time. We took a later bus this time, which was pretty good – while it was full at the start, by about midnight, Jasmine and I could do our usual take-over-extra-seats-and-sleep-until-arrival thing, so we did. Made the journey seem much shorter! We checked in straight away to Long St Backpackers, and then went for a bit of a walk around, and relaxed a little, before heading off to swing dancing class! It was really good, and all the people that we saw last time were there and happy to see us! We then went off with two of the people (Alastair and Mike-Michael-Lars-Matt (he can’t decide, so from now on he’s MMLM)) to a Chinese place for some dinner. It was really nice, and we had a lovely time eating and chatting and telling rude jokes. Most of the rude jokes were Jasmine’s. Typical.

The next day, we had pizza for breakfast (we were thinking of you, Steffen =P), though it was closer to lunch time by the time we got up. We then had a look at some of the vintage shops in Long St and nearby, though we didn’t have a huge amount of luck finding things in our size that we liked. Still, it was interesting, and we have been starved for vintage shops living in Pretoria. Some more walking around, and then we had dinner at the Ethiopian place we went to last time (Addis in Cape) with MMLM, then to a swing dancing night at a place called Chuckachurri.

Got home latish, but we were mostly just tired from all the dancing, so we slept in again the next morning, before meeting Matt (not MMLM) for lunch! He took us to the Eastern Food Bazaar, which has since become my favourite place to eat in all of Cape Town – it’s really cheap and SO YUMMY! YUM YUM YUM! Once we were back at Matt’s place and had finished eating, Matt showed us some of his awesome poi skills: (he’s using poi that light up, just in case you couldn’t tell).

A little later, he told us about this dress up party that involved dressing up as dead celebrities, giving us about 20 minutes (and only his limited wardrobe) to prepare. Having just bleached my hair, I went as Marilyn Monroe, using Matt’s lab coat as a white dress. Jasmine took artistic liberties with the theme, going as the ‘dead’ ‘celebrity’ Wednesday Addams. And Matt wore a truly hideous dress and went (again taking liberties with the theme) as Betty White. Talcon powder in his hair, lipstick, floral scarf… Yeah. It was brilliant. But the best moment? On the way to the party, Matt’s car ran out of petrol. So there we were, cruising down the highway (downhill), with no petrol, knowing that there was a petrol station just across the intersection up ahead. Which was a red light. We decided to run it, knowing that otherwise we would be stuck and therefore a greater disruption to the traffic, and also because there were no cars in sight. Unfortunately, halfway across the intersection, a police car goes past. Given the choice between stopping and hitting the car, we decided to stop. Then we all get out and push. In our costumes. We were given the weirdest looks, but we found it hilarious. Wish there had been photos!

Got to the party, met lots of people and had a really nice time – we even took over the ‘dance floor’ (aka space in the middle of a room) with swing dancing for quite a while, and had lots of non-swing-dancers dancing with us too. The party happened to be crashed by Alastair, which was a surprise, and just proves that Cape Town is a really small place – he didn’t know we were going to be there! Left about 4am, got a quick meal, then went back to the backpackers for some much-needed sleep.

The next day, we met up with Matt and MMLM and one of Matt’s friends to go to a birthday party in Kalk Bay. Went to an AMAZING restaurant, had some really delicious food (I recommend the ribs. Best I can remember)! And this was the view out the window!

Cool, right? We got to sit there, eating and talking, and watch the waves break! After we’d finished eating, we went to a bakery for dessert (I got tiramisu), and then walked down the piers. This is the restaurant from the pier, and a few more pictures that I took.

(Seals! Yay! – And yes, this is one of the places we went last time we were in Cape Town. I think.)

So some more walking around Kalk Bay, and then we went back to the backpackers.

And I’ll leave this here, because there are HEAPS of pictures coming up (since I can’t decide which ones, so it will just be all of them), and this will get way too long otherwise.


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