Day 104: Cape Town and Other Things. (Part 2)

May 12, 2012

So last time I blogged I was about halfway through describing the first Cape Town trip. Yeah. I put ‘first’ there deliberately. We maaaaaaay have done a second trip to Cape Town since then. I have a lot to catch up on…

So, because Steffen is awesome and has a car (no, not awesome because of the car, just awesome in general PLUS having a car), on Wednesday, Jasmine and I cancelled our tour trip to Cape Point, and went there with Steffen and Tony – way more fun! It was really pretty, and pretty windy.

Yes, Cape Point is next to the Cape of Good Hope. And NO, NEITHER OF THEM IS THE SOUTHERNMOST POINT OF AFRICA! That would be Cape Agulhas. More on that later though.

So we saw the lighthouse at Cape Point:

Kinda small, right? I thought it would be bigger. Oh well. Have some views from the base of the lighthouse:

(This, incidentally, is the Cape of Good Hope. It’s really close to Cape Point.)

The one just above is looking further south. Pretty far away, but looks cool, right? Now, from here, we could have hiked to the Cape of Good Hope, but the view is basically identical, and the only thing we’d gain is being able to say we were there. (We also could have gone to Beijing, or Amsterdam, Jerusalem, etc, but we decided the hike/swim was a little too long for our liking…)

We dismissed the Cape of Good Hope in favour of finding Cape Agulhas, the actual southernmost point of Africa. Only thing is, we didn’t realise how much further away it was, and during our efforts of finding a road going in the right direction, we got most of the way back to Cape Town. Jas and I had a swing dancing class that night, so we decided not to push our luck, and to do the Cape the following day instead. Swing dancing was lots of fun, and I was told many times that I’m not bad at it, despite this being my first time ever. So yay for that!

Ok, following day (Friday), we got up earlyish and started driving to Cape Agulhas. Google helpfully told us it would take about 3 hours to get there, and we decided to stop for breakfast on the way instead of getting something in Cape Town before we left. And so, after 3 hours of driving and talking and eating and listening to music:

Take that, tourists who think Cape of Good Hope is as far south as you can go! Try looking at a map sometime, maybe.

See the arrow pointing to the Cape of Good Hope? Now can you see that Africa actually continues south? OMG!

Anyway, so one of the cool things about Cape Agulhas, is that it is where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

And all of us together (Steffen isn’t in as many photos this time because he didn’t want to get his feet wet =P).

We followed the line from the monument in the first picture back to the actual water, so theoretically, I’m standing in two oceans at once! Woo! I like to think that my left foot was warmer (Indian Ocean), but it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me. It happens. Jas and I climbed over some rocks as the tide was coming in – not our smartest move – but it was fun. Even if we almost got properly wet.

And again, isn’t it beautiful! The sea was so blue, and so was the sky, and the waves were awesome. It was a lovely day, too. Makes me wonder why Tony would want to do this:

We’re not that bad, right? Right? Anyway, here is some more scenery!

And on the way back, we had some more scenery!

Not a bad lookout point, right? Perfect except for the excessively strong wind. My hair was going everywhere! This was a lovely last day for our group – we dropped Tony off at the airport on the way back to the backpackers, grabbed some pizza with Steffen, and then Jasmine and I left the following day. We were going to take a train, but ended up on the bus because Jasmine got the time wrong for the train, and got us there too late to catch it. The bus back to Pretoria was better than the bus to Cape Town – we just took 2 seats each (Jasmine in our allocated seats, and me in the seats opposite), and slept through the whole trip. And if we were in someone’s seat, well, they were too polite to wake us up.


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