Day 74: Pretoria

April 12, 2012

Woah, so I haven’t really done a general blog recently, so this is about the last few days, and my plans for the next week!

After our Botswana trip, we were pretty tired (who wouldn’t be, driving all night like we were), so we had a recovery day. The day before yesterday was a go-out-and-do-things day.

We started off with Pretoria Zoo. It was alright, though I like the Melbourne Zoo much better. Some of the enclosures were really sad, and you could tell that quite a few animals were distressed. There were lots of nice animals, but after seeing animals in the wild, it just isn’t as nice. Some of the animals had nice enclosures, similar to their natural environment, but only the ones that had been sponsored by companies and schools and things. And the main attraction of the zoo (other than the animals) was the cable car, which wasn’t running. So that was a bit sad. The funniest thing about the zoo was the golf carts that were everywhere – visitors who are too lazy to walk can hire them and drive themselves around.

We left the zoo to go to Marabastad – I wrote about it before, it’s the area with all the cheap shops in it. Jas and I were by ourselves this time, no local to help us get around. Almost as soon as we stepped onto the street, a guy came up to us and started trying to talk to us: “Hi! Hi! Where are you going? What are your names? Your name’s Annie, right? I know you, Annie! Hello! Can I follow you?” – needless to say, creepy. We just kept walking away from him and ignoring him, and eventually walked into a shop to get him to go away. Came out of the shop, and another guy (security person this time) came up to us and said “Don’t talk to people. Don’t look at people. Just walk to wherever you’re going and don’t look back, and don’t stop.” More creepy, though at least this one seemed more like he had our welfare in mind. Basically though, since we were at the end of the shopping area, we just crossed the road and started going back up the other way. No more problems after that! This trip wasn’t as successful as last time, but Jas still got some shoes!

Luckily, we also remembered where the main combi-taxi place was, so we walked there and got on the right taxi, ignoring all the people calling out to us. Took combi-taxis to Menlyn Mall and went to Mugg & Bean for some much-missed chai lattes (YUM!). They got a new menu while we were away, so we tried some of the new things. Then we had a look around. Stuck around for a movie with Tony and Ruthie Рwe saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and it was really good! We all liked it, and it has some very good people in it. I recommend seeing it!

Then back home, and bed. And yesterday and today were spent researching Cape Town – Jasmine and I are planning on doing a little trip by ourselves over the weekend, and we’ll be gone for a week or so, and depending on how the internet is where we stay (most likely a cheap backpackers), you may or may not hear from me. I’ll come back with pictures, anyway.

So lots of love, and I hope you have a great week!


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