Day 71: Botswana and Stuff (Part 2)

April 12, 2012

This is actually the third time I’ve written this blog post – my computer has been doing the ‘wow, shutting down on you is fun!’ thing, and I keep losing it all. Lame. This time I am being paranoid about saving it, though I don’t usually have any problems with it. Anyway, on to Botswana now!

We left, as usual, nice and early at a little past 8am. Google Maps told us that our first stop (Kang) was 8 hours away, so we didn’t want to leave too late! After driving for 4 hours (and through one of the busiest African towns I have ever been to – Zeerust), we got to the border, and getting through was relatively painless, once you worked out which building to go to first. Once in Botswana with a few new stamps in the passport, we continued on the road!

Funnily enough, Botswana, at least near the southern border, is quite green. A dry green, but green nonetheless. Trees and grass and bushes everywhere. So after driving for another 4 hours (I did sleep a little on the way – the landscape was really monotonous), we arrived in Kang. And didn’t like it. It was tiny, and we were going to get dinner, but they just took so long that we cancelled our order and continued on our way, hoping that by driving a few extra hours in the first day, we’d have more time for sightseeing on the second.

The next largish town along was Ghanzi (aka D’Kar). We couldn’t find the place we would have preferred to stay at due to lack of reflective signing, so we stayed at the Kalahari Arms Hotel instead. It was ok – we happened to arrive during a car park party, so it was a little noisy. Ate some food, played Trivial Pursuit, then went to bed. There were also a few incidents with GIANT FLYING NINJA-FACE-ATTACKING BEETLES. GIANT.

(This was actually taken the following night – I didn’t have my camera with me when I first saw them, and for obvious reasons I didn’t go looking. Ew.)

Up again the next morning, went to the local supermarket for some food… They pretty much only had bread that could be eaten as is (the rest was suspicious-looking sausages, soggy chips, and uncooked food). We didn’t really need bread, so off we went. Thanks to the previous night’s extra driving, it was only 3 hours to Maun (pronounced Ma-UU-nn, apparently, according to the Lonely Planet).

Maun is the “gateway to the Okavango Delta” – basically the only place that you can access it from. Because we were only staying one night, and having to leave in the middle of the following day, it meant we didn’t get a chance to actually go into the delta on foot, so we chose to have a scenic flight over it! Really pretty, and saw quite a few animals. Apologies in advance for the colours of the photos, I had to take them all through the plane window.

Even if we had had the time to go into the delta, seeing animals is pretty unlikely, because the animals don’t tend to stick around where people are. Anyway, had a lovely flight, watched the sunset, and had a delicious dinner on a balcony overlooking a river!

The next morning, Jas and I got up early for breakfast because we were going for a morning ride! Yes, we have been doing lots of horse riding! It’s because we love it! Anyway, this ride was quite fantastic – just around Maun, but it was more in the outskirts, in the bush areas. We rode along small paths, and through a river (my feet got wet), and past some locals who kept calling out to us and waving.

Then back to the lodge, had a shower, and on we went! I’ll put the rest in another post so that the internet doesn’t throw a hissy fit about uploading too many pictures at once.


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