Day 71: Botswana and Stuff (Part 1)

April 10, 2012

Hey guys. It’s been a while – sorry!

Anyway, I thought I would just tell you what I got up to between the trips to Namibia and Botswana, so if you just want to hear about Botswana, I suggest you skip to the next post. Whenever I post it.

I already told you about the trip to the monkey sanctuary, and we didn’t really do much after that – mostly recovering, and planning the trip to Botswana.

So, we continued our lessons in horse riding – we’re up to cantering now, and we’re not particularly good at it yet, but apparently we were doing better than most people who had been learning for the same amount of time, which is nice to know. Encouraging, anyway.

We also checked out a new mall – The Grove. It’s on the way to horse riding, but we never got a chance to see it. It looks pretty big from the outside, but it is actually pretty small – only 2 levels, and all the shops are on the one… passage? Corridor? Whatever. And, most horrifyingly, there wasn’t a Mugg & Bean! We ended up getting food at a different place, which didn’t do chai steamers, so no chai lattes for us. We both got coffee instead. I don’t usually drink coffee, but it was ok with a couple or three sugars in it. Still prefer chai though. Anyway, while at the mall, I got a pair of shorts (blue floral) like Jasmine’s (though hers have pink flowers), for just R44, or about $5. Which was nice. They’re super comfy and pretty! Got back home very easily by taking a combi-taxi from right outside the mall, although we got laughed at a little when Jas yelled “STOP PLEASE” when we wanted to get off. We were right up the back and the combi-taxi was full, but we couldn’t help feeling that there is something specific you are meant to say. Still, it was better than other things she could have said (and I am reminded of the time she tried to get her horse to stop by yelling “CEASE AND DESIST!”).

What else…? Oh! In a previous post (way previous, it was ages ago) I mentioned how we spent some time looking after some kids while their parents had some drinks with Tony? Well, we went over to their house to spend an afternoon with them and their friend Lily, who had brought her dog over as well. Basically, Jas and I spent hours and hours acting like the 4-year-olds we are, and played on the trampoline, around the pool, cricket, soccer, board games, and a few other things. We were exhausted by the end of it, but it was fun, and we’ll hopefully be doing some babysitting soon! Anyway, that was the day before we left for our trip, so we went back home after that and packed.

The rest of the days were quiet, basically just games, and cooking, researching, and relaxing with people. Nothing much else to report!

Anyway, I’ll post again soon about Botswana, so look forward to some nice pictures! Lots of love, and I’ll try to get another post and some emails done before I go to bed (no guarantees though!)


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