Lesotho photos 2

March 19, 2012

Hey guys, me again (obviously). Have some more Lesotho photos! This will probably be the last batch, because we’re going away again in a few days, so I’ll have photos from a different place to show you all!

This is me, as you should all know by now, standing at the top of the Gates of Paradise Pass. Malealea is somewhere in the background, more on the left-hand side, I think, but I’m not completely sure – the road was twisty! Below is a picture which tells you how high it is!

2001m. Yay! Anyway, more driving, until we got to Semonkong! It rained on us, and the roads were some of the worst I’ve seen (to be fair, they were under construction in some places, but they were the better parts of the road).

Semonkong. Like I said in a previous post, we got up nice and early the next morning, having asked reception to make an exception (rhyming, ha!) – normally to do the abseil, the training is one day, and the actual 204m cliff is the following day. For safety reasons, but we’re not sure why. Anyway, we asked that we do it in one day as otherwise we couldn’t do it at all, and they said if we completed training to the instructor’s satisfaction, then we could. This is the practice cliff:

Only 25m. Getting over the edge was actually the hardest part – if you have more weight, the rope goes through the harness and the mechanism more easily, just because there is more force. So you can see where I might have had a problem. I had to push really hard against the ground just to get to the cliff while in the harness. Once it was vertical, it was much easier. So then to the actual cliff. Another picture:

Again, AWESOME! Took this picture as we were hiking out of the gorge. Gosh that waterfall is big! Getting myself down that was really difficult, actually. The rope was really long, so really heavy, and I could literally let go of the rope entirely and not move an inch. Was good for looking around, less good for actually abseiling. On the way out of the gorge, we asked the guide about a few other people to go down – the youngest was 11, there have been at least 4 blind people, the oldest was 70-something, and the heaviest was 170lb or something. He told us that there wasn’t an age limit (hence the 11 year old), but that you had to weigh over 50kg. Oops (I weigh 45). Which is why I had so much trouble with it. Totally worth it! Incidentally, not that many people have been down it – I was number 1718, and Jas was 1719. Given it’s been open since 2003 (I think), that’s not many at all!

Ok, that’s all from me for now. Might do another one with more specifics about the horse ride, but maybe not! Soon there’ll be a new set of photos to go up, and really, I’ve given you quite a few! If I upload more, they will be on my Facebook. I might put some on Photobucket or something, but that depends on whether I get around to it or not.

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