Lesotho photos 1

March 17, 2012

I was originally going to put this as a photo post, but the internet complained each time I tried. Stupid technology. Never does what it is supposed to do. Oh well, I guess I’ll take the opportunity to explain a little more about what the photos are then!

Lesotho mountains:

So as I’m sure you noticed by now, Lesotho has lots of mountains! In fast, I’ve seen it described as ‘The Mountain Kingdom’. It’s not wrong though – there are mountains everywhere! And not that many people, really.

Fields (and more mountains):

So here you can see some of the main crops – maize, and sunflowers. They’re both planted together, and you can get some amazing flowers! There’s another photo below of one of the sunflower plants:
Not bad for a shot taken on horseback, right? Anyway, the point is, pretty.

Lesotho houses:

See the ones on the right? The round ones? They were all over Lesotho – in the rural areas anyway. Here’s another one:

Thatched roof, a door, a few windows (though not always), and a clothesline out the front. You can also see a ruin to the side – they were also very common, as were half-finished buildings. For example, there might be walls, but no roof, or maybe the walls were only half-built. Lots of these were also built out of concrete blocks:

Incidentally, the picture above is also an example of a hut without a roof.

Ok. That’s enough for now! I will upload some more pictures later.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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