Day 39: Pretoria

March 9, 2012

Woah, I’ve been here for ages! It doesn’t really feel that long most of the time, but when I actually sit down and think about it, I realise that it has been a while… does that make sense?

So, last time I updated, it was Sunday night! Well, since then, we’ve… um… (I’m gonna check Jasmine’s diary – she writes stuff down almost every night, whereas I rely on my not-so-reliable memory.)

Monday: quiet day – not much to say. (This is why I couldn’t remember what we did. There was nothing in particular that stood out.)

Tuesday: relatively empty day again. We relaxed by the pool, in the sun! In the evening we tried out some dance classes – Jive, and East Coast Swing! The teacher was really nice, and the lesson was fun (I like Jive, Jas likes East Coast Swing) – the only thing is, the lessons are quite expensive, even more that horse riding. So we’ll see how much we end up doing. The teacher (Leander) got a little worried about the fact that we were going to walk home. It’s only a 40 minute walk! Got dinner on the way back from the dance class – it was so amazingly delicious! Followed by chai and cheesecake. Om nom nom nom!

Wednesday: horse riding! We got up obscenely early (7:30am), got dressed, relaxed for a while, then were picked up from our house and taken to Esperanza Stables. More basic stuff, since it’s only the second lesson. Steering while trotting, that kind of thing. Anyway, it was AWESOME! Went on another outride at the end, lovely weather and everything, though we got a little worried before we left – the clouds looked ominously wet. But in the end, the sun came out, and everything was perfect! (Just in case anyone is wanting to do horse riding in South Africa, I really do recommend Esperanza – we’ve got it all organised so they will pick us up and drop us off afterwards, and we just pay for petrol, and the person who teaches us, Juan (pronounced ‘John’ in Afrikaans), is really nice, and a really good teacher!)
So after we got back from horse riding, it was still only about midday. We got some lunch, ate it, and then Jas just conked out – for some reason she was really tired, so she just had a nap. Quiet time for the rest of the day – cooking, TV, music, books, and Scrabble. (Oh, and I played some Pokemon).

Thursday: that’s today! We slept in (sort of. I attempted to sleep in, Jasmine attacked me until I got up. I swear, it’s all because of the nap she had yesterday), then we went down to the supermarket to get some food. It started raining while we were there, so we went to the pizza place a few doors down, ate a pizza, then went to the cake shop and bought a pecan pie – so delicious! Somehow, despite eating half a pizza each, we still managed to fit in a giant slice of pie with icecream. That’s really about it. I’m now sitting here writing this.

Ok, lots of love! If you don’t hear from me for a few days, don’t be surprised! We’re going to Lesotho – a country completely within South Africa – for a long weekend! We’ll be back Tuesday night. I promise to take some photos, and then upload them when we get back, but until then, I won’t be contactable. So no replies to emails after Friday. (And just because I won’t reply until Wednesday doesn’t mean that you can’t email me! Please do!)

Oh, and a shout out to Pat, Phil, Lewy, Angus, and my mum, who are still the only people who email me. Get your act together, people! Also, a shout out to Nick, who is one year closer to death! Happy Birthday! Congratulations for being old! Woo! And also to Ethan and Ducky – thanks for the IM conversations! ❤

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