Day 35: Pretoria

March 5, 2012

Hi all – it hasn’t been ages, but my last post wasn’t all that recent. I haven’t been super busy or anything, but using my computer has been a little difficult over the last few days.

So… The last time I posted, it was… Wednesday?

Ok, on Thursday, Jasmine, Ruthie and I went to Menlyn (again) to look around, and also because Ruthie needed some shoes. We had lunch and Mugg & Bean (basically the South Africa version of Gloria Jeans x Starbucks x Yummy Foodness Of Some Kind – seriously though, the food is really nice there!), and then we looked around. Didn’t really do too much… Then Jasmine and I redid our nails and Ruthie’s nails (Jasmine and I had newspaper nails, Ruthie had deep red nails) – just because we could. Had a quiet night after that, basically just hung around, chatted over the internet with a few people, read a little. The usual. Oh, and had cheese for a midnight snack (mozzarella = delicious).

Friday was AMAZING – we’d booked lessons with a horse riding place, and managed to organise a lift from our house to the stables! Otherwise we would have had no hope in hell of getting there. The lessons were really good – and much more affordable than Melbourne would have been! We did the basics (I had literally been on a horse twice in my life, both times for school camps, so it didn’t count), and then went on an outride! Lots of fun, and we’ve decided to make it a regular thing! Yay! It was a really warm day, and we would have roasted alive if it weren’t for the lovely cool breeze! We were, after all, wearing long pants, closed shoes. <shudder> – I hate doing that on warm days! But anyway, the riding was awesome. So we got back, went outside, cooled down by the pool, read, came back inside, ate, and slept! We were tired, we needed sleep.

Woke up on Saturday… in pain. We had bruises on our legs (well, Jasmine did. I was only a little sore, but Jas bruises really easily), and sitting down was… painful. So we were a little careful. This is also why I didn’t post earlier – we’ve only just become able to sit down properly on hard surfaces without the edges of chairs being painful. We’ll get used to it, I’m sure. Hasn’t deterred us from going horse riding again! Woo! Oh, we also went to Menlyn Mall and watched a rock show / circus thing, which was mostly covers of songs… A few of the circus acts were very good, most a bit average. For example, the host guy (who was also one of the singers), according to the program ‘got things started with a crack of his whip’ – what they actually mean by ‘crack of his whip’ was him whacking the whip into the ground. Not an actual whip crack, but a whip whack. So that was lame, but had Jasmine and I in hysterics over it. There was some dancing (typical ‘cabaret’ dancing in revealing costumes) – which made me cringe a little at the bad technique, and the fact that one of the dancers had clearly been picked because she looked similar to one of the acrobats (who also danced). There were more acrobatic acts, some good, some meh, but still, it was entertaining, even if we were just laughing at how bad it was in places. We also went bowling, and I have improved (slightly) – meaning I scored, well, not as horribly as I have in the past. And got a few spares as well. No strikes this time, but still.

And now it is Sunday night. Slept in, read, ate, watched Easy A, played a little badminton, went out for lunch… nice, quiet day. I managed to reply to all my emails (I think – Gmail is being a little, shall we say, temperamental at the moment. By which I mean I have to type on my computer, attempt to send, get an error message (could not send at this time – fix or fix later? – choosing fix does nothing but take you to the message and prompt you to try again), save as a draft, and then send from my iPod. Though even that isn’t foolproof. I managed to send one email twice, once as quoted text and one as an actual email, with another random email in between with a document called ‘noname’. Yay! Still. It finally worked. I have no idea what the document is about though. Whatever. I never claimed to understand technology.

Anyway, I’m off now. We will have some tea, and maybe some icecream with mint-choc Irish cream (SO DELICIOUS!). We’ll see.

Lots of love to you all, and especially (as ever) the people who take the time to email me, and even though I don’t reply straight away, I always reply in the end. Or at least attempt to. If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t replied yet, let me know – Gmail probably just hates me. Or you.

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