Day 31: Pretoria

February 29, 2012

Hey guys! Not much really has happened since my last post.

On Sunday, some of Tony’s friends came over for lunch with their kids – Jas and I organised and prepared food for the adults, and then looked after the kids when they arrived: one is 7 and one is 3. We went in the pool, had races, played around, the usual things. The 7 year old asked us what our favourite TV shows are:

7yo: What are your favourite TV shows?
Me: Timmy Time!
Jas: Ben 10 (Ultimate Alien is her favourite)
7yo: … How old are you guys?

When we told him we were 19 and 20, he just gave us this look – you know the one, where they obviously don’t know if you’re being serious (we were), and aren’t quite sure how to take your answer. We also played some badminton outside on the grass, and the 3 year old and I collected acorns and counted them. Anyway, the kids loved us, and the parents were very happy that they got to get away from them for a while (they actually asked us if we would be interesting in babysitting occasionally). The kids loved us enough that the 7 year old complained when he had to leave, and said “No! I don’t want to leave! I want to stay the night! I want to stay until 5!” – evidently 5pm = night time, for 7 year olds… As opposed to afternoon. Still, it was fun, though Jas and I were very, very, very tired afterwards. Accordingly, we took the next day to recover.

So after using Monday as a rest day – sleep in, reading, watching movies, basically just relaxing – we spent Tuesday doing… almost exactly the same thing! We walked up the street to check out this dance studio (couldn’t get in to ask questions, so we called. They finally texted back saying to try their adult open class, but didn’t tell us what dance style the classes were, or cost, or anything. Which wasn’t helpful. We also called a horse riding place – we’ve got lessons and a ride booked for Friday! Which will be fun, though I will be appallingly bad compared to Jasmine. I’ve only ridden a horse twice in my life, both very briefly for school camps, so I’m not exactly experienced. Jas, however, has done quite a bit of riding. Maybe I’ll be able to catch up? Anyway, we watched some True Blood, read a bit, redid our nails, and Skyped a few people – it’s the end of the month, so we don’t have to worry about using the internet too much and being speed limited.

And now it’s Wednesday, and I’m sitting here writing this! Woo! Aren’t you excited?! We’re going to head off to Rosebank (a mall in Joburg – I have to get some long pants for horseriding) soon, so I’ll leave it there. Lots of love to everybody, especially the people who have been emailing/texting/calling/Skyping/etc, it means a lot to me!

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