Day 22: Pretoria

February 21, 2012

Only 2 days since my last post, guys! Aren’t you impressed! And the only reason I didn’t post yesterday is that the internet place was closed. So yeah. I’m getting better. Haha!

Ok, so yesterday was nice – Jasmine and I went to Brooklyn Mall again to have some lunch. It was a really nice late lunch, with more chai lattes. Yum! We walked back again, though it was a really warm day, so as soon as we got home, we jumped straight in the pool. It was awesome. Then we finished Firefly (Jasmine liked it, of course. Who couldn’t?) and then I got a phone call from Nick, which was super nice! Yay! So we talked for a while, then I did some Indonesian – Jasmine is teaching me! So hopefully I’ll be able to get around Indonesia easily enough. Wish me luck!

Today has been quiet so far – woke up, got in the pool, lay out in the sun (wearing sunscreen), it was so nice and relaxing (because you know, we have been so stressed out with all this holidaying). Then back here again – the internet place. So yeah. That is it, pretty much.

Lots of love, and I repeat, please email me, guys! Nick, you’re awesome for calling me! People who email me, you’re also awesome! People who contact me full stop, are awesome.


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