Day 20: Pretoria

February 18, 2012

Sorry. It’s been a while. Lack of internet has affected my motivation. And I still haven’t done any vlogs. Oh well.

Day 15 (Monday): I have no idea what we did. Which means it was probably a quiet day. The usual, you know. Oh! I watched the first two episodes of Game of Thrones. Finally. It took me a while. But yeah. I liked them, will watch more soonish.

Day 16 (Tuesday / Valentine’s Day): Jasmine and I went out for a lovely brunch at Menlyn Mall – the waitress was lovely, and the food was delicious. We also had chai lattes, in the only way we can – we have to order a chai tea with a shot of espresso on the side. Jas and I did have a little trouble moving after all this food though. Totally worth it. Afterwards, we met up with Ruthie and her cousin to do some shopping, though Jas and I didn’t end up getting much. But yeah, we stayed at the mall until about 7 (when everything was closing), and then went home, and DIDN’T eat dinner because we were still full from brunch. So delicious!

Day 17: Went to Brooklyn Mall with Ruthie, had a look around – there was a corset shop that sold bathers, and lingerie, and slips, but no corsets. Well, no proper ones anyway – only very flimsy boning, plastic, and only on the sides. So that was really disappointing. Though Jasmine is having trouble finding bathers to fit her, so we might have to go back there to look. The bathers were all expensive though =(

Day 18: Ruthie came over, and we stayed by the pool for a while – it was so nice! Beautiful day for it, sunny and warm, and we had pizza for lunch! Yay! Oh, and we made cookies and brownies!

Day 19 (Friday): We went to Joburg on the train! A number of successes happened yesterday. I got a phone, just because I probably should have one if I’m going to be here for 5 months. It was cheap, and the same brand as my old phone, but despite it not being 5 years old already, it is less technologically capable than my old phone. Oh well, it’s not like I really need it to be able to do anything. After that, we walked to the post office to collect Jasmine’s mail – apparently they don’t deliver it if it is registered post. But you still need to call up the people to get the tracking number converted to a South African tracking number, and then give that to the post office. And they’ll only let you have it if you bring ID – Jasmine’s mail was addressed to her dad because it was being sent to his work (we didn’t know it wouldn’t be delivered), and they were reluctant to give it to her without his ID.
After that we went to the Gautrain (it goes from Pretoria to Joburg), which was nice – it didn’t take too long, and the train was clean and new, and there were security guards everywhere. We managed to get off at the right place, and make our way to the giant mall, and had a look around there. I bought a new bag, which is smaller than the only other one I brought with me. I don’t always want to be carrying a giant bag, you know how it is. So yeah, stayed until things closed, took the second-last train back to Pretoria (we actually live closest to the station at the end of the line, so we were last off), where it was raining (we didn’t know this, because it wasn’t raining while we were on the train), so we got a lift home (broke the key in the lock because we were in a hurry and the gate is badly designed, but luckily we got it open first).

Day 20: Today has been a quiet day – we were pretty tired from yesterday (I showed Jas Firefly, and we watched it until about 1:30am? I think it was about that time anyway.) So yeah, sleeping in, recovering. The usual. And now I’m typing this at the internet place down the road.

That’s all for now! To the people who have been emailing me, thanks, I really appreciate it, and I love finding out what you’ve been up to. Just because I’m on a different continent doesn’t mean I don’t care what you’ve been up to. To all the people who haven’t emailed me, please do! I’ve been writing about every single thing I’ve been doing, and I would like to hear from you!

Lots of love!!! ❤

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