Day 8: Pretoria (or Monday the 6th of February

February 15, 2012

Hi again! So, another day with no internet, and we found out that because of the blackout, the set-top box broke as well. Yay.

Anyway, I slept in, it was lovely, then I finished my book (actual yay)! Jasmine and I decided we were hungry (since she’d spent the morning killing zombies with plants, and I had slept through breakfast), so we put some things in the oven to heat up.

Just when things were starting to be done, Tony gets back, saying that he was going to take Jasmine to get the set-top box fixed. Jas was still in her pyjamas, so she very quickly got dressed, and went out (hoping it wouldn’t take long) – meanwhile I turned the oven off, and made myself some toast and a cup of tea. After about an hour, Jas got back with the (fixed) set-top box, we reconnected it, and watched Sherlock (S02E02). Love Sherlock. So much.

Anyway, we passed the afternoon, and also discovered that in addition to the broken phoneline (and therefore internet), the hot water wasn’t working, except in the kitchen (useful), and our (mine and Jasmine’s) bathroom (where you can’t use the showerhead without flooding the room – less useful).

After Tony got back, we went for a quick mall trip, had a look around, then came back (via getting some groceries). Quick dinner, then Jas and I retreated to the study for some quality plant-killing time, followed by some stretches. And when I say some, I mean lots. We only just finished, and it’s almost 3am. So about 2 hours. Anyway, Jasmine and I are going to go to bed soon, after we’ve each had a nice hot bath. So that’s it for today, again, you’re all future people, because you won’t see it for a while (incidentally, we called the phone people, and they said it would take 6 days to get anyone out her to have a look, let alone fix it. So I anticipate a long time without internet. To anyone who emailed me and had to wait ages for a reply, I’m sorry!)

Lots of love!!! XOXOXOXOXOX

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