Day 7: Pretoria (or Sunday the 5th of February)

February 15, 2012

So, it’s been a week as I write this, though most likely more until I can post it – our internet is not working! Boo!

Also, my sunburn is peeling very badly. Very. My whole front is pink and peeled and I feel a little like a mandarin. Peeling isn’t fun – I’m all itchy! Today was pretty good – we got up relatively early, had showers, used the internet a bit (it only died this afternoon), and then we went off to Johannesburg! We went to a mall which had a Sunday market, and looked around there – it was pretty cheap, though apparently this week Jasmine will take me to a more awesome market where things are even cheaper! Yay! I did buy some things today – a pretty green vintage dress, and an awesome belt, which all up cost me about AU$20, so not bad. The dress is very pretty! Also, Jasmine and I had some amazing cake – we wanted a piece of chocolate mousse cake, but there were only 2 pieces left, so the lady at the stall said we could have both for R30 (originally R25 for a single slice) – and it was really yummy. So nice and chocolatey, and moist, and delicious! More walking around, took some photos, got wristbands with our names on them (in case you were wondering, no, they didn’t have one with my name already, they actually make them right in front of you), and then afterwards, we headed off to a flea market that Jasmine had looked up and thought looked good. Only thing was…. when we got there, guess what we found? It was a hole. And I mean that in the most literal sense – there was a hole in the ground, and no market. So that was a little disappointing. We went to the nearby ‘oriental market’ instead, but we didn’t find anything.

So after our shopping/looking around was finished, we went back to the car, and on the road back to Pretoria (with some… creative? directions from Jasmine. So several wrong turns, and a few dead ends). To make things worse, today is the only day where the forecast for storms has been accurate! There was heavy rain, large quantities of hail, people running for cover, and even a traffic accident (it looked like a ute had a good go at another, much larger vehicle, and lost. At least, it wasn’t moving…). The traffic was horrible because of the accident. Like, amazingly bad. We were moving at a crawl, people were trying to get out of the side lanes into the middle, and it was still raining. Yay.

We finally made it past the accident site, and got back home. And then, just because it could, OUR POWER LEFT US AGAIN! It’s really unfaithful. So we got it back. Had some food, and settled down to watch Sherlock (S01E01, on the TV via my laptop) with Tony, because he hadn’t seen it before. About 20 mins in, and BAM, there goes our power. Again. No lights outside, so we get out a candle, and a torch, and check out on the street to see if anyone else has power. We see a maintenance van with flashing orange lights just as the power comes back on next door (they have a generator, lucky people) – turns out the trees have become too tall and are interfering with the power lines, which is the reason for all the power problems. They say two hours until the power is back, so we all sit and keep watching Sherlock on my laptop. Power is back within an hour, yay! But still no internet. The last time Tony had a problem with the phone line (and therefore internet), it took almost 2 weeks for the problem to be resolved. I’m not expecting to have internet any time soon, which is annoying.

Anyway, we finished Sherlock (5 more to show Tony!), and played some computer games, and now we’re off to bed. Lots of love to you people in the future! You won’t get this for a while at least…

❤ xoxoxoxox

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