Day 14: Pretoria

February 15, 2012

Well, hey there. Still no internet, so I haven’t bothered writing anything (I kept meaning to, but only remembering once I was in bed, and there was no way I was going to get out of bed to write… Especially since it was usually either really late, or I was really tired (or both)). Anyway, I’ve actually done quite a bit recently. Let’s see…

Ok, so on day 9 (Tuesday), Jas and I were quite sore from the stretches. As in, walking very far took lots of effort… Luckily we didn’t have to do much! We did walk down to the shops and get cake, pizza, and some other stuff we needed, and our legs complained, but the pizza and cake was really good. We ate the pizza (half each) and some cake (a quarter each, and yes, we almost exploded) while watching TV. I don’t actually remember what we did for the rest of the day, apart from some more stretches before we went to bed.

Day 10, we were REALLY sore. That’s what happens when you stretch for 40 mins when you are already in pain. So it was good we didn’t have to go anywhere.

Day 11 was really good. We got up relatively early in the morning, because we were going to Marabastad – an area in Pretoria basically filled with cheap shops. Clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, food, pretty much everything. It was a little dodgy, and it was weird being the only white people around, but we still found some pretty good things. I got some perfectly fitting purple skinny jeans (for under AU$4), a red-and-white-striped v-necked T-shirt (don’t remember how much, but cheap), 3.5 pairs of shoes (Jasmine and I are going to share a pair) all for about AU$3 each, and a dress, also about AU$3, which was actually a size L. I have never been a size L in my life, so I guess the sizes in those shops are just super small. Which is fine by me. The shoes were the hardest things to find – I was looking for some gladiators, and ended up finding 2 pairs and some sandals, but finding them in my size was hard – most people have larger feet. And because my feet are so narrow, it gets hard to find shoes which don’t fall off. There were some really really nice wedges, which were a 37 (my usual size) but I tried them on, it turned out I needed a 36. Which they didn’t make. The shoes did fit Jas though (her feet are my size, but not freakishly narrow), so she got them. Anyway, so we finished at the markets, and headed back home, because Tony was having a few people over for drinks. Jasmine and I organised the food for it – including roast veggie skewers and brownies. Anyway, it all tasted really good, so we got ourselves a glass of wine, and took some photos, just for fun. We were really tired after a few hours though, so we went to bed.

Day 12. Friday. Another lazy day – we were still pretty tired from the previous night, so we ate leftovers, talked, just hung out. It was nice. Oh, and it rained quite a bit, so we didn’t go outside. Later, when Tony was back from work, we went to the mall again – got myself a dress, some shorts, and some bright green skinny jeans (loving the colours here!), and a bikini, and again, all pretty cheap! Yay! Then we watched Sherlock with Tony – he was up to the second episode of season 1, but neither Jas or I minded rewatching =P.

Day 13 (almost there!) – we all drove out nice and early (9am-ish) to go to the Lion and Rhino park! We saw lots of animals – white lions (no normal coloured ones), eland, impala, etc – and some birds – there were some which had a tail so long they couldn’t fly properly. Jasmine and I also went down into the cave – there was a young kid (grade 4, as we found out) who kept asking questions, all the time, about how they got the elephants into the cave (some of the stalactites were shaped like animals), and what each colour of rock was. Still, it was cool! So after we finished at the park, we all went to Menlyn (the closest mall), and got some things, including chai latte (we had to get a chai tea with a shot of coffee on the side), then went bowling. I haven’t improved since Melbourne, and some of you will know exactly how terrible I was just from that. I am really bad at bowling, but Jas and I have decided to get in some practice while we’re here.

Day 14. Today! Lazy day – we are all pretty tired after yesterday. When Jas and I got up, (well, Jas got up a bit before I did), we read a bit, and then we went outside to the pool – I thought I had stopped peeling, but it turns out that my body hates me sometimes, and so my back was peeling lots. Even though it didn’t get remotely burnt. Oh well. Out by the pool, lots of sunscreen, and our Kindles in Ziploc bags. Works quite well actually. So yeah, I finished another book, splashed around in the pool a bit with Jasmine, then we got cold and went inside – I had a bath, and it was really nice! Anyway, now Jas and I are getting ready to go out for dinner. Not sure what we’re having yet, but I guess we’ll find out! I’ll probably update when I get back.

So we had South African food – it was really yummy! Jas and I also had cocktails, which were nice, though mine was really strong. Anyway, that’s it for today! Hopefully we’ll get internet soon!

Lots of love to you all! ❤

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