Day 6: Pretoria

February 5, 2012

Yeah, I know. I realised when I woke up this morning that I had missed out yesterday’s post.

I’d like to say it was because we were just so busy, but… Well. We weren’t. It was another relaxing sunburn-recovery day. We woke up (late), had a (late) breakfast, watched some stuff, ate some more… Went to buy groceries and a few other things… Um, yeah. That was about it.

Today we got up late again, and had toast for breakfast, and then did some cleaning. Tony (Jasmine’s dad) got back, so we needed everything to be nice and tidy. So it was basically finishing putting things away, cleaning the floors, organising bits and pieces, you know. Stuff.


This will obviously be uploaded once power returns. And you know. When I have internet again. Not like anyone sane will be awake yet, of course. It’s hard to go around the house without lights as well – I don’t know it well enough yet and sort of have to feel my way around. Oh well. At least my computer is still ok? By which I mean it has a few more hours of battery.

Oh, and we also redid the bedroom. We got out the paper butterflies that Jasmine had stored away, and we hung some from the ceiling, and stuck them all over the walls, and we redid the photo door (two of the wardrobe doors are covered with photos and messages from friends and family, and we’d printed a couple more photos out, and I brought some with me, along with some more messages, so we needed to make space for those. We did manage to fit everything, and it looks pretty cool. I’ll post a picture when I remember maybe? Someone remind me!

I remember what else happened yesterday… Our fan broke. Not in a ‘refuse to work any more’ way, but in a ‘works only at an inconvenience’ way. Basically, the fan now refuses to stay extended to it’s full height, and instead stays as short as it can go. Yay. We had it standing on a chair last night so that it would still have some effect. Which it did. But it means we have a chair we can’t use, and that’s just silly.

Ummm… Yeah. I guess when the power comes back on (so once this is posted) we’re going to watch a movie – not sure which one yet, Tony is going to pick for us. Should be good anyway. Assuming, of course, that we do, sometime soon, get power back. Otherwise this entry will have to wait until tomorrow.

I’m going to end it here anyway. Lots of love to you all, and a shout out to Phil, who is the first person other than my mum to send me an email. So thanks Phil, it is very much appreciated, and I suppose you will get a reply at the same time as this post is uploaded. Either when the power comes back on, or when I wake up (if we don’t get power soon).

Power is back, but it’s the next morning. Turns out there was a power failure, but we just fail at switches, so we didn’t know the trick to getting everything back on again. We did eventually get power back, but we were tired so I didn’t bother with sending/posting.

Also, while the power was down, Tony drove us down to the Union buildings – so pretty at night! Though I definitely want to see them during the day too!

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