Day 4: Pretoria

February 3, 2012

Well hey people, sorry, but this is going to be another quick one.

Jasmine and I both woke up at about 8am, but then went back to sleep until about midday. That was nice. Total of 12 hours sleep during the night. =D Got hungry, had guacamole and chips for breakfast, it was delicious! Then we watched another episode of My Little Pony, and then the first part of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather (Terry Pratchett is awesome!).

Oh, and we made brownies.

After that, Ruthie came over, and we all swam in the pool – brought out the inflatable pool things, played around, swam around on the bottom of the pool. The weather was lovely again, though the sun wasn’t out, so it wasn’t quite so harsh on our sunburn. Anyway, after Ruthie had left (and helped us eat the brownies, of course), Jasmine and I came back inside, played Plants Vs Zombies, The Sims 3, and watched bad TV. Pasta for dinner, and now here we are.

So anyway, we’re about to be off to bed.
Lots of love people! To anyone I know in real life, please email me so I know what you’ve been doing – I haven’t heard much from anyone!


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