Day 3: Pretoria

February 2, 2012

Ok, this is going to be a quick one, because I haven’t really done much today, and I’m about to go to bed.

So, I woke up relatively early again (still not over the jetlag, but I’m kind of hoping I keep this sleeping pattern. Waking around 8am and going to sleep at 11-12pm is actually not bad. Way healthier than my previous habit of waking up at 1pm and going to sleep around 4am. Anyway, the point is that I still get tired relatively early, and wake up in the morning, as opposed to early afternoon.

Anyway, Jasmine had to go to the mall again for a supervised trial thing for her job – basically she worked for 3 hours without pay while they made sure she didn’t scare away customers. This was from 10am to 1pm, so while she was doing that, I… well. I ate a jam doughnut for breakfast (almost typoed that as a ‘Jas’ doughnut… I promise that I won’t make Jasmine into a doughtnut!), I let the pool and lawn people in, I read some more of The Sending by Isobelle Carmody (book 6 of the Obernewtyn Chronicles, or book 7 if you’re American), and I had a nice long shower. So that was nice. Then when Jasmine got back, we went in the pool again. It was really nice and warm (again – the weather here is really nice and consistent, unlike Melbourne), so it was nice! We only stayed in for a little while though, because we got hungry. So we made food. We had some veggie dogs with onion (we were frying the onion for something else, but it smelled so delicious that we couldn’t wait!), and ate those while we cooked our delicious veggies with black bean sauce and rice. We ate some of that because we were still hungry, then picked at it some more, then went back outside for more pool time! We stayed outside for an hour, but we put sunscreen on this time. The air got colder, we got colder, so we went inside, chilled out for a bit, then it was time for more food – we finished off the black bean deliciousness and the rest of the rice, and a doughnut, and some fruit cake (which my mum made and I brought with me), and some seaweed, and we decided to start rewatching Doctor Who. Starting with Eccleston! We’re going to go through new Who first, and then maybe do old Who afterwards. And then, we (re)watched the first two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. So yeah. About three minutes ago, we finished watching Nightmare Moon be defeated by a rainbow, and then be forgiven by everypony, despite the fact that she clearly just tried to take over the entire world and make everypony miserable. But apparently ponies don’t care about that kind of thing. (And yes, Mari, I know you love it, but it still doesn’t make sense. Jasmine found the rules for the drinking game to be quite funny though… Thank goodness we weren’t drinking – I would probably be too drunk to type.)

Ok, I’m sleepy. Off to bed now! No pictures today because we didn’t take any. We will probably take some more tomorrow, but we’ll see how we go. At least I’m still doing the whole ‘tell everyone what I’m doing in South Africa thing’ (though I’ll admit that it is only day 3 and therefore not much of an achievement…)

Lots of love everyone! And hopefully I’ll update again tomorrow!!! ❤

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