Day 1: Pretoria

January 31, 2012

So, as promised, I’m going to write about what I do each day (hopefully I will remember, there might be gaps =P)

Today it was a beautiful, sunny 30 degrees Celsius. Woke up at 6am due to jetlag, but went to bed again for a few hours. Immediately after breakfast, we went outside to the pool. We also inflated the purple water… bed thing, and the big ring!

So the above photo is my beautiful Jasmine, and the bottom one is me =D

We spent hours lying in the sun, and playing in the pool, even did a very few laps! Unfortunately, we also got a bit sunburned. Oh well. It was too nice to drag ourselves inside.

So after the hours by the pool, listening to music (Jasmine’s new computer happens to be the same brand as mine, so her charger fits the native SA plugs, while mine needs an adapter. This means the extension cords can easily be used to reach the computer on the table outside!) we went down to the shops – bought some food, some chocolate (of course!) and had a look for some gladiator sandals. Stupid gladiators only come in kids sizes, or at least the styles that I liked. Oh well.

Anyway, we’re now sitting inside, about to watch a movie and do our nails like proper girly-girls! And then dinner a bit later, I guess.

So anyway, if something amazing happens, I’ll update it later, but otherwise, that’s it until tomorrow! Lots of love!!!

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