January 13, 2012

Hey guys, so for anyone who doesn’t know me in real life, you won’t know that this year is going to be an adventure for me:


I’m basically going to spend 8+ months on holiday overseas with my best friend. Can anyone imagine anything better?

Since the internet in South Africa is nowhere near as good as the internet here in Melbourne, I’m likely to be posting less often, and what I post will be directly related to what we do while away. So possibly pictures of what we do, blog posts about it, etc. Possibly even vlogs (for the lazy friend I have who refuses to read) if I can upload them ok.

I’m leaving at the end of the month (assuming my visa doesn’t take ages to organise), so from February, you won’t necessarily see my usual random posts.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. ❤
Love you guys, and hopefully you’ll be able to see what I get up to! Woo! 

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